Couponing basics: Speak our lingo!

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Couponing basics: Speak our lingo! Empty Couponing basics: Speak our lingo!

Post by majorcouponing on Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:02 am

People use lots of acronyms when it comes to couponing, and then we have all of our couponing terms as well! It can be quite a handful trying to keep up! Here's your couponing dictionary:

AC: After Coupon, what you can expect to pay after your coupon discount.
Actual: The real item as opposed to a coupon for it (an item from your stockpile).
AR: After Rebate, the discounted price after the rebate is received.
B&M: Brick & Mortar, when you actually go to the store as opposed to online.
Blinkies: A type of in store coupon often found hanging off a shelf, and dispensed from a small box with a red blinking light. Also known as a toy to any child. Haha
BOGO: Buy one, get one "xxx". This can range from get one free, or half off, etc.
B1G1: Buy one get one, free
BOLO: Be On the Lookout
BTW: By the way
Catalina: A type of in store coupon printed at the check out after purchase, often in response to a specific purchase. These coupons have their nickname from the coupany that started them, but these coupons are called Register Rewards at Walgreens, Check Out Coupons, Checkout Rewards, Extra Care Bucks at CVS, and so on.
DH: Dear husband
DND: Do Not Double, also applies to tripling. Found on manufacturers coupons. This is the manufacturer telling the store that they will not reimburse the store for double the coupon value BUT if the first digit on the left of the barcode is a 5 it almost always does.
Double coupon: A tatic to compete with other companies, where the face value of the coupon is doubled as long as it's within coupon policy. So if the coupon is worth .75 cents then it becomes worth $1.50. Many store vary with their double/triple policy so check with them first!
DS: Dear Son
DW: Dear Wife
ECB: CVS Extra Care Bucks earned for purchases, much like the Catalina coupons, but these are only for CVS use with Your specific CVS card.
ETA: Edited to add
FAR: Free After Rebate, after you do the's free!
GDA: Good Deal Alert, meaning a great price for an item has been identified and posted
HABA: Health and Beauty items found in stores, such as aspirin and cosmetics
HBA: Health and Beauty items found in stores, ie: medicine, deodorant, hygiene stuff, etc.
IDSO: In Desperate Search Of
IMO: In My Opinion
IMHO: In My Honest Opinion
IP: Internet Printable coupon, printed on a home computer
IRL: In Real Life (instead of the internet world )
ISO: In Search Of
J/K: Just kidding
LMK: Let Me Know
LOL: Laughing Out Loud
MIR: Mail In Rebate
NAZ: Name, address, zip code; the mailing information needed to send and receive mail
NBPN/NBPR: No beer purchase necessary/required to use the coupon or rebate. This term is specific to offers provided by beer, wine, and alcohol manufacturers, and varies from state to state. See the coupon section for more information.
NED: No expiration date
N/M: Never mind
NP: No problem
NWPN/NWPR: No wine purchase necessary/required to use the coupon or rebate. This term is specific to offers provided by beer, wine, and alcohol manufacturers, and varies from state to state. See the coupon section for more information.
OAS: On any size, a coupon or other offer that is valid on any size of the product
OOP: Out of Pocket, usually referring to the final cost after coupons and discounts have been applied
MIR: Out of Stock
OSI: On a single item
OYNO: On your next order/purchase, referring to coupons that provide discount on your next purchase.
P&G: Proctor & Gamble, also referring to the PGBrandsaver coupon insert
Peelie: A type of coupon found on a item that typically peels off.
PLMK: Please Let Me Know
POP: Proof of purchase
PP: Purchase price
PSA: Prices Starting At or Public Service Announcement
Q or Qualifier: The proof of purchase required for a refund offer that is physically taken from that package
RAOK:: Random act of kindness, often a set of coupons sent to another member with no expectations in return
RC, R/C: Raincheck
RP: RedPlum, a name of the company that provides coupon inserts to papers. Also have IP's on their website.
RR: Register Rewards, a type of “catalina” coupon received at check out and good on your next order. This phrase is typically used at Walgreens
SASE:Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
SCR: Single Check Rebate, found at Rite Aid
SD: store display, or Super event harris teeter holds where they doubles coupons from 1.99 and belows.
SF: store form
SMP: Specially Marked Packages
SS: Smart Source, also referring to the SmartSource coupon insert package
Stacking: When you combine a store coupon with a manufacturers coupon together on one purchase. Store coupons can be found online to print, or in store circulars. This can also FURTHER through e-coupons provided off store websites, where you can use this in collaboration with with your store coupons and manufacturer coupons!
Tearpad: A pad of coupons or rebates that tear off, will be found in the store either off an item or a display.
TMF: Try Me Free, usually a mail-in rebate refunding the purchase price of an item to encourage consumers to try the product.
Triple coupon: A Store promo where you will get triple the face value of a coupon. IE, a coupon printed as .75 off of one a triple coupon promo it would then be worth $1.50 off the item. This can be negated if the coupon states "Do not double" or "Do not triple".
TY: Thank you
Wine Tag/WT: A type of Hanger coupon. Will be found hanging from a bottle of wine, or any coupon discount provided by alcohol manufacturers. I don't know if they will be found in NC, but usually it's for items other then alcohol.
WPN: Wine purchase necessary
WSL: while supplies last
WYB: When You Buy
YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary. Old saying meaning that your transaction/deal may not be the same as the poster, this is often because a poster is unsure of the deal. Often managers are allowed to make a ruling on how a transaction will based on their discrepancy, hence the meaning.
YW: You’re welcome


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